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California State Seniors Bowling Association
36th Annual Cal-State Senior Bowling Championships 2005 Oct. 29-30, Nov. 5-6, Nov. 12-13 Nov 19-20 Additional weekends will be added if necessary.
(559) 431-3711
6450 N. Blackstone Avenue
Fresno, California, 93710
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Sierra Fencing Center
The Sierra Fencing Center is the Premier Foil Club in Fresno. While Sierra offers Saber, we have the largest number of competitive foil fencers in ...
(559) 265-7442
3036 W Bullard
Fresno, California, 93711
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Victory Fencing Center
The Victory Fencing Center has been established to provide everyone desirous for doing some sport with the possibility to do sport in favorable conditions besides ...
(559) 437-9164
1639 W. Shield Ave.
Fresno, California, 93705
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Studio 65 Dancesport Center
Franco owns and operates Studio 65 DanceSport Center in Fresno. He has been teaching and sharing his talent with the Central Valley community since 1987. ...
(559) 222-6565
2965 N. Maroa
Fresno, California, 93704
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The Dance Studio of Fresno
Sue Sampson-Dalena, Owner/Artistic Director of the Dance Studio of Fresno, had a vision to reach young people all over the City of Fresno over 20 ...
(559) 432-0267
7491 North Palm Bluffs Avenue
Fresno, California, 93711
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Terry Clark Dance Centres
Our studio began 30 years ago. We emphasize small classes for individual attention and confidence building. We feature tap, ballet, pre-pointe, pointe, New York jazz, ...
(559) 224-7280
4936 N. Blackstone
Fresno, California, 93726
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